What are your first thoughts when you walk into your office? Could you tack someone else’s logo onto the wall and call it theirs because it is so neutral and nondescript? Or do you walk in and say, ‘Wow! I’m happy to be a part of this!’ That usually happens when the space gives a distinct and positive impression of your company, your brand, and your team. We’re all for the latter. We believe office design should support your brand and be inviting (and exciting) for both clients and employees.

To achieve this, the first thing you need to understand is that your brand is not your logo. Your logo is one piece, but it’s so much more than that. Your brand is how you are perceived by the outside world (and internally in your work culture too). From that first impression upon entering your office throughout the entire process of doing business together, the brand is what you need everyone in your office to understand. It’s what everyone needs to live and breathe. Your team needs to know and embody the core values, mission statement, and goals. Many businesses put a lot of effort into these elements, but when it comes to their office they say, “It’s is good enough as it is.”

In the context of office design, think of your workspace as a member of the team. It speaks for you as surely as how you answer the phone. It is always there. In every meeting. During every customer service call. As every piece of your marketing is created. The more integrated your brand is, the more it can motivate your team and influence your clients and prospects. A role this important deserves so much more than just “good enough.”

Our Brand is Grounded in Good Branding

At Studio Forma Interior Design Inc., we established our brand before we even decided on our company name. Regardless of the name, we knew we wanted to be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, super creative, and helpful. We wanted to be known as the commercial interior design firm to go to if you wanted something memorable, different, and impressive, but still practical and efficient.

You might ask what made us start out this way. Our principal designer, Stephanie Uprichard, was once the creative director and founding partner of a vibrant marketing firm. She designed and developed brands, and that experience transitioned beautifully into interior design. Her understanding of branding is integrated into our approach to office design, allowing us to create workspaces that have a real and cohesive impact on everyone who visits and works in them. 

Infusing Brand into Your Office

What does that mean? Yes, it’s true, the colours we choose are those from (and complementary to) your logo and other marketing assets, but it’s also in how various components are incorporated. The texture of the materials chosen, the strategic imagery of a mural in just the right place, or even elements of your products used as architectural features. We also learn about your culture, your workflow, and how your office needs to be organized, from furniture groupings for teams to quiet zones for focused work, as well as meeting spaces for ideation and collaboration. In short, we create an office that is tailored to support your business by leveraging your brand, using the visual elements to represent the spirit and intentions of the company.

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