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We have a profound understanding of the need for usability, function, and ROI. Stephanie Uprichard, (Principal Designer & Owner) and her skilled team will be there to help you make the first step along this exciting process. We look forward to connecting with you and bringing the unexpected into your space.

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Stephanie Uprichard

CEO and Principal Designer, ARIDO, IDC, GDC, Mini MBA

Over the years, I have worked in a series of roles from graphic designer to creative director and from account manager to project manager. Through this period, I have worked with hundreds of organizations to tighten and improve their brand through graphic and web technologies.
My true passion is in interior design, the ultimate manifestation of corporate branding in real life. My background as a designer and successful history with hundreds of clients gives me a unique perspective on how to work with businesses to express their culture and strengthen their core essence through their physical space. Adding the unexpected creates a wow factor that makes Studio Forma’s approach to design unique for each of our clients.
I have worked part-time as an interior design professor at Georgian College School of Design and Visual Arts and enjoy helping students grow in this business of design.
I believe working with great people is the only way to be successful. I live this by hiring amazing people at Studio Forma. Everyone has passion, creativity, and an eagerness to make the end result better than expected. We respect our clients’ feedback and their knowledge of their own business and space requirements. At Studio Forma, we have a profound understanding of the need for usability, function, and ROI.

Andrea Gust

Admin and Head of Procurement

Andrea, our esteemed and longest-running team member here at Studio Forma. Her exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail play a pivotal role in keeping our projects seamlessly on track, on schedule, and within budget. 
As the head of procurement, Andrea holds the crucial responsibility of ensuring that all materials from office furniture to lighting, flooring, and beyond is efficiently procured and installed on-site.
With a background in the corporate world Andrea understands the importance of maintaining budgets and fostering effective communication with the team, vendors, and clients. 
Her dedication to these principles has been instrumental in our continued success. Moreover Andrea’s vibrant energy brings a sense of positivity to our workspace and her witty sense of humour never fails to brighten our days. We are truly grateful for Andrea’s contributions to our team and her commitment to excellence sets an inspiring example for all of us at Studio Forma. 
With her valuable expertise and warm presence she enhances the overall synergy of our team and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she interacts with.

Wen Qi Hu

Designer, ARIDO

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Wen, one of our amazing designers here at Studio Forma. With a keen eye for exceptional design, Wen never fails to impress our clients with each and every project she works on – whether it’s for a commercial space or a cozy home.
Wen is a true chameleon, adapting seamlessly to each client’s unique brand and aesthetic preferences. But her talents don’t stop there! With years of experience as a project coordinator in the construction industry, Wen knows exactly what it takes to bring a project to life. She pays close attention to every detail, making sure that every drawing is perfect and every trade and contractor is set up for success.
So, if you’re looking for a designer who can bring your vision to life and take care of all the nitty-gritty details, Wen is your gal! 

ana Clara Brito


Ana’s boundless creativity and her background in Architecture have been an absolute delight for Studio Forma and our cherished clients. Since making the move from Brazil just a few years ago, she has infused our designs with a unique outlook, adding that extra touch of creative magic to everything she touches.
Ana’s passion for detail shines through in her designs, leaving no stone unturned. With experience in both residential and commercial interiors, she consistently brings fresh ideas and a warm, friendly approach to each project. 
Ana’s imaginative thinking and meticulous execution bring a sense of joy and wonder to our work, making our collaborations truly memorable experiences.

Poonam Soni


Poonam has truly brought a positive and lively energy to the Studio Forma team. 
Her remarkable ability to infuse humour into our work environment has been a delightful addition. 
Poonam’s commitment to perfection, coupled with her meticulous attention to detail, sets her designs apart. No matter the scope of the project, she consistently ensures that she has all the correct information, prioritizing the safety, compliance, and fulfillment of our clients’ needs in every aspect of the design process.  
Working alongside Poonam is not only a professional pleasure but also a daily source of excitement. Her presence adds an extra layer of joy to our team, making our collaborative efforts even more enjoyable.

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