Permit Drawings

Obtaining a permit drawing is a crucial step in any interior design project, as it ensures compliance with the Ontario Building Codes (OBC)  and regulations set forth by local authorities. These drawings provide detailed documentation of the proposed changes or additions to a space, including structural modifications, electrical and plumbing layouts, and other essential details. By obtaining a permit drawing, designers can demonstrate that their project meets all safety standards. 

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Permit Process

It’s generally not quick, but it’s worth it, and we’ve got you covered

Securing a building permit follows a structured process governed by local municipalities. It begins with a pre-application consultation to ensure project alignment with zoning bylaws and building codes. Following submission, municipal staff conduct a thorough review, assessing compliance with regulations. Upon approval, the permit is issued, granting authorization for construction or renovation. Throughout the process, periodic inspections ensure adherence to standards. Finally, upon completion, a final inspection is conducted, leading to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for lawful occupancy.

Example Permit Drawings

A few examples of some permit drawings packages.

Permit Posted
Stamped Permit Drawings ready for construction
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