Office Interior Design

At Studio Forma Interior Design, our core values revolve around the belief that creating joyous environments enhances productivity and overall happiness.

Office Interior Design
Office Interior Design
Office Interior Design

A Holistic Approach

Considering every aspect for a harmonious and productive workspace

At Studio Forma, we believe in a personalized touch for every project. We take the time to truly listen to your needs and get to know your business and your team.

By understanding your goals, company culture, and values, we can create a design that not only looks fantastic but also boosts your team’s productivity, fosters collaboration, and enhances well-being.

Whether you’re considering a complete office overhaul or just looking to spruce up your space with some minor changes, we can help.

Plus, we’re happy to provide customized solutions tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

What We Offer

Plan Your Interior Design


Leveraging our expertise and efficiency to ensure that every aspect of your office design is meticulously considered. Planning is vital, regardless of the scope, industry, complexity, time frame, or budget. Our meticulous approach ensures that we address all elements of your project comprehensively, leading to seamless execution and long-term functionality of your office space.

Design your Interior Design


Our expert commercial designers are eager to transform your vision for office renovation into a reality, recognizing that the design of your space serves as a reflection of your brand identity and organizational culture. We ensure your office design reflects your company’s values, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for productivity and growth.

Build your Interior Design


We collaborate with top-tier contractors who are detail-oriented, budget-conscious, and excellent communicators, ensuring every aspect of the meticulously designed space is executed with precision and care. If you already have a preferred contractor, we’re happy to work alongside them, offering flexibility to support you in the most efficient way possible.

Furnish your interior design


Office furniture is essential for creating inviting and functional office spaces. It offers durability, comfort, and style. From ergonomic chairs to adjustable height desks, contract furniture enhances productivity and reflects your company’s brand. Investing in contract furniture ensures your office is both welcoming and conducive to employee well-being, flexibility and collaboration.

Some of Our Partner Suppliers

Mannington Flooring, LVT, Carpet Tile
Centura Tile, Flooring and Wall tile
Wilsonart Laminates and countertops
Cambria Custom Counters, Quartz, Marble, Granite
Cosentino Custom Counters, Quartz, Marble, Granite
Weston Premuim Woods, laminates and Cleaf

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We are here every step of the way

Choosing office furniture that fits your budget and aligns with your brand can be a breeze with our help. From comfy chairs to sleek desks, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your workspace is both on budget and on-brand.

Lighting is key in any office space, impacting mood, productivity, and even health. Let us shed some light on how to illuminate your workspace effectively, striking the perfect balance between ambiance and functionality.

A well-designed acoustic environment can reduce distractions, enhance concentration, and promote effective communication among team members. By addressing acoustic challenges, businesses can create a more efficient workspace for their employees.

Featured Work

Explore some of our recent projects

Stinson ITS

Stinson ITS underwent a significant revitalization, prioritizing interior design to transition from a dated, enclosed space to an industrial and modern, open environment that fully embodies their brand identity and corporate culture. Maximizing the space’s architectural features allowed us to be creative while preserving the buildings features. Using the building’s natural heights within the space provided opportunities to hang acoustic panels and use interesting materials.

Treefrog Inc.

Treefrog, a dynamic marketing agency, undertook an deep dive for the ideal space to call home. The chosen location was an old car dealership which we saw as an opportunity to convert into a bright and airy environment. The interior design of the space,  takes the brand and culture to the next level. Infusing the brand in every element of design. 


At Versapay, nestled in a workspace with stunning views of downtown Toronto, our approach was to seamlessly integrate interior design, office design, and corporate design principles. We wanted to emphasize the panoramic views of Toronto, while also focusing on the functionality. Embracing the character of existing architectural details, the incorporation of the brand’s angular lines and vibrant colour palette became a central theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

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