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Newmarket, ON


24 Weeks



Footage/ Floors

5000 Sq Ft / 2 Floors


Studio Forma Interior Design embarked on a transformative journey with Stinson ITS, reimagining their new office space, which initially presented itself in a less-than-ideal condition. The goal was not just to refurbish the space but to redefine it as a modern, open environment that not only facilitates productivity and innovation but also vividly embodies the Stinson ITS brand. This partnership aimed to create a workspace that reflects the company’s ethos in the technology and transportation sector, ensuring that every design element resonates with their corporate identity and values.


Our Goal

Brand Reflection: The primary goal was to ensure the office space is a true reflection of the Stinson ITS brand. This meant incorporating design elements that speak to the technological and transportation focus of their business. The use of thematic elements such as circles and chevrons was intentional, mirroring the company’s corporate wordmark and symbolizing motion and connectivity, which are central to their operations.

Open yet Defined Spaces: Achieving a balance between an open-plan layout and the need for privacy and functional definition within the workspace. The design sought to foster a sense of openness and collaboration, while also accommodating the need for private spaces where employees can focus and engage in confidential discussions. This was realized through strategic spatial planning and the use of various partitioning methods.

Stinson ITS Office Interior Design

Innovative Use of Partitions

We needed to design an open and private space. The design incorporated a variety of heights in acoustic partitions and made use of glass partitions. This approach helped in defining different work zones but also ensured that the space remained bright, airy, and visually interconnected. 

Flexible Collaborative Spaces

We featured curved soft seating and break-out areas strategically located on both the main and upper levels of the office. This supported spontaneous meetings and teamwork and to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. The tech room received a unique treatment with the application of rubber flooring on both the walls and floors.


The transformation of Stinson ITS’s office into a vibrant, functional, and brand-aligned environment showcases Studio Forma Interior Design’s commitment to creating spaces that inspire and facilitate success. Through thoughtful design and a keen understanding of the client’s needs, the project achieved its goals, setting a new standard for office design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

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Stinson ITS

Stinson ITS acquired a new office space that was in a poor condition and did not reflect their brand. Through a partnership, they were able to transform the space into a modern, open environment that embodies their brand. The design of the office incorporates thematic use of circles and chevrons which aligns with the technology and transportation aspects of their business and corporate wordmark. To maintain the open feel of the office while providing privacy and definition, a variety of heights and acoustic partitions were used. Glass partitions were also incorporated to create a seamless look and feel throughout the office. Flexible collaborative spaces were created with curved soft seating and break-out areas on both the main and upper levels. The tech room received a creative boost with the use of rubber flooring on both the walls and floors. The office design features bright pops of corporate orange and dynamic patterns, creating a visually interesting and appealing environment for visitors to admire.

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