Jennifer Cres.

Project Details

Building Type

Home Renovation


Newmarket, ON


24 Weeks


Residential Design

Footage/ Floors

2000 Sq Ft 


In this transformative journey, a couple took a significant step towards their future by purchasing their “forever home,” embarking on an ambitious renovation to create a space that transcends physical limitations and embraces the essence of their lives together. The goal was to craft a home that not only meets contemporary standards but also reflects the couple’s unique tastes and lifestyle, ensuring it becomes a beloved sanctuary for years to come.

Our Goal

Studio Forma Interior Design’s vision for the renovation was to blend functionality with personalized design, creating a seamless flow throughout the home that enhances both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. By stripping the house down to its core, we aimed to rebuild it with an emphasis on open, accessible spaces that cater to the couple’s needs, ensuring their home evolves gracefully alongside them.

Residential Interior Design

Seemless Flooring

The installation of integrated flooring across the entire residence establishes a sense of unity and fluidity, guiding the transition from space to space with elegance and ease. This choice not only elevates the home's design but also supports a cohesive living environment.

Open Concept Living

The creation of an expansive, open-concept kitchen stands as a testament to our dedication to marrying function with form. Tailored to the couple's specific needs, this kitchen becomes the heart of the home, equipped for both daily life and entertaining, and reflecting the couple's eclectic style and love for travel through custom millwork and thoughtful colour selections.


These features, alongside the strategic inclusion of a walk-in closet with an integrated laundry area, exemplify Studio Forma’s approach: to design spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional, ensuring this “forever home” not only meets the couple’s current expectations but also adapts to their future needs. Through this renovation, we have created a space that is a true reflection of the couple’s journey, blending style, function, and the warmth of family life into every corner.

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Jennifer Cres.

As individuals mature, the practicalities of life become increasingly apparent, often leading to consequential decision-making. In this particular case, a couple made the significant choice to acquire their “forever home” and embarked on a renovation journey aimed at ensuring an environment free from physical limitations. The entirety of the house was stripped down to its bare studs, necessitating comprehensive updates and replacements to align with contemporary standards and fulfill the clients’ expectations. The renovation project encompassed the installation of seamlessly integrated flooring throughout the entire residence, thereby fostering a sense of continuity and cohesion. An expansive, open-concept kitchen was meticulously designed to cater specifically to the couple’s requirements, while the incorporation of custom millwork in every area facilitated a personalized approach to space utilization. By incorporating the couple’s preferred colours and embracing their eclectic style, we were able to curate an ambiance that drew inspiration from their travel experiences and cherished memories. Each space within the home was thoughtfully crafted to prioritize both familial connections and the art of entertaining, ensuring that the abode would become a cherished haven that the grandchildren would be reluctant to leave. Moreover, the inclusion of a generously sized walk-in closet, equipped with a combined laundry area, introduced an element of convenience to the couple’s daily routines, rendering laundry day an effortless task. Overall, this transformative renovation project not only met the clients’ expectations but also successfully catered to their evolving needs, resulting in a home that harmoniously blends their distinctive style, practical considerations, and the spirit of familial togetherness.

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