Proud Partnerships

Educational Partners

Interior design firms partnering with colleges play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of designers by providing practical, real-world exposure and invaluable industry insights. These collaborations foster a bridge between academic learning and professional practice, enriching the educational experience and equipping students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic field of interior design. Studio Forma Interior Design is proud to be partnered with the local Colleges .

Humber College Educational Partner Interior Design

Humber College

Etobicoke, Ontario
Yorkville University Educational Partner Interior Design

Yorkville University

Toronto, Ontario
Sheridan College Educational Partner Interior Design

Sheridan College

Mississauga, Ontario
George Brown College Educational Partner Interior Design

George Brown College

Toronto, Ontario

Proud Members of Our Community

York Region is a tapestry of thriving businesses and beautiful homes, each with its own story and character. It’s a place where innovation meets tradition, creating a dynamic backdrop for interior design. The diversity of architectural styles, from sleek, modern office buildings to charming, heritage homes, offers an endless source of inspiration and challenge. Having the honor to design interiors within this vibrant community is a privilege we cherish deeply. Each project in York Region allows us to contribute to the area’s rich narrative, enhancing spaces where people live, work, and connect. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with the region’s forward-thinking businesses and homeowners, blending functionality and beauty to create environments that reflect the unique spirit and aspirations of York Region.


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If you’re an interior design student or educator looking to collaborate on exciting projects, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us and let’s make amazing things happen together!

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