Office Finishings

Your beautifully designed and revitalized space is filled with furniture, but also other important features. Whether it’s essential lighting or the need to manage acoustics, there are many options that are both practical and beautiful. We also have great ideas for purely aesthetic options such as custom wall murals and other features.

Office Lighting

Lighting is a necessity but it can also be an impactful detail that optimizes your office space. Not only that, many options offer energy cost savings and can support green initiatives. Check out some of the amazing office lighting that could be incorporated into the design of your commercial space.

Office Acoustics

Today’s open-concept offices have a lot of advantages, but one of the disadvantages can be managing sound. Acoustic features for offices help to absorb some excess noise while adding stunning components to make your new workspace look even better. As if such double duty wasn’t enough, the panels can also be used as dividers to define your space without closing it in.

Office Organization

When we’re working hard, it’s easy to see how our spaces can become cluttered and messy. Even the most beautiful design can get buried under paperwork, personal paraphernalia, and even leftover lunches. It gets harder to find what you need and your team becomes less productive. Whether it’s finding the right types of storage, for individual desks or central filing, or even how your office is set up and organized, we can help.

Health & Safety

This term has taken on new meaning since the arrival of Covid-19. Not only can we help ensure you have ergonomic furniture and flexible options like sit-stand/adjustable height desks, we can help with Covid-19 protocols. Furniture companies have adapted quickly to provide solutions that are practical and still look good. Clear, plexiglass providers can be incorporated seamlessly into your design and physical distancing can be an integrated part of the design process.

Colour Consulation

Sometimes you need a change and colour is the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to get you there. Colour has a huge impact on your daily life. Colour can create a mood, change a mindset and provide energy. Let us help you add some creativity, energy and mood into your office, home or home office. Connect with us to set-up a virtual consultation today.

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