Office Organization

A well-designed office is a beautiful reflection of your brand, and it’s also designed to optimize workflow and efficiency. A new office space has wow-factor for visitors and employees alike, but over time, it’s easy for that first impression to lose some of its impact as the day-to-day of running your business begins to add layers of clutter.

An organized work environment is also about more than just visual appeal — it has been shown to reduce stress. The appearance of clutter signals the brain that there’s extra work to do. When the brain feels overwhelmed by all this (actual and perceived) work, it triggers a stress response.

Organizing your workspace reduces the frequency of that stress response to keep everyone in a productive mindset, not to mention the time savings that come with knowing where everything is. Searching for files in a disorganized workstation wastes time and renders your team less efficient and ultimately less effective.

How you organize your office affects corporate culture too — not only how the brand is perceived by visitors but also how your team behaves in that space. Strategically organizing your office will help you create the environment that your team needs to hit their goals.

If you’re starting to see the power of keeping your office organized and clutter-free, give us a call to help you out!

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