Project Details

Building Type



Aurora, ON


35 Weeks


Office Design Road Construction

Footage/ Floors

2000 Sq Ft / 2 Floors


Studio Forma Interior Design takes pride in transforming challenges into opportunities, a philosophy we embraced wholeheartedly when tasked with the Pivot project. Faced with the need for expansion without the possibility of relocation, we embarked on a creative journey to reimagine their existing space, culminating in a design that not only addressed their spatial constraints but also elevated their working environment to new heights.

Our Goal

We aimed to:

Maximize Space Efficiency: By converting the ground-floor office into a two-story area and transforming part of the warehouse into an open-concept office, we sought to significantly increase the usable square footage without the need for relocation.

Enhance Natural Light and Openness: Introducing expansive windows in place of a garage door brought in an abundance of natural light, transforming the space into a bright, inviting workplace that stimulates well-being and creativity.

Embrace and Enhance the Industrial Aesthetic: Our design leveraged the warehouse’s industrial elements, using materials such as aluminum and concrete to maintain a cohesive look while integrating Pivot’s branding for a personalized touch.

Create a Versatile and Inspiring Environment: Through strategic design choices, we aimed to craft a workspace that not only serves functional needs but also inspires employees and impresses clients, making it a place where people look forward to working.

Pivot Interior design Office Design

Transform The Warehouse

One of the project's features was the conversion of the warehouse into an open-concept office. This not only provided the necessary expansion but also introduced a modern, airy feel to the workspace. The installation of large windows replaced a garage door, flooding the space with natural light and connecting the indoor environment with the outdoors, promoting a healthier and more dynamic workspace.

Industrial Aesthetics

By using materials such as aluminum and concrete, we paid homage to the building's original character. At the same time, the strategic use of Pivot’s brand colours, modern furniture selections, and innovative lighting solutions created a space that is not only functional but also a reflection of the company’s identity and values.


Through thoughtful design and strategic planning, Studio Forma Interior Design successfully addressed Pivot’s challenges, delivering a space that is not just a place to work but a source of inspiration and innovation. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, creativity, and the transformative power of design.


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Pivot faced the challenge of needing more space for their growing business, but relocating was not a viable option. To overcome this, we put on our thinking caps and reimagined their ground-floor office into a two-story space, significantly increasing their available square footage. We transformed a portion of their warehouse into an open-concept office by replacing one of the garage doors with expansive windows, flooding the previously dimly-lit space with much-needed natural light. The result was a brighter, more modern-looking workspace that encouraged collaboration and creativity. We also enclosed the warehouse mezzanine, which created additional room for workstations. Our design approach was to embrace the industrial feel of the warehouse, using materials such as aluminum and concrete to create a cohesive aesthetic. We incorporated Pivot’s brand colours throughout the space, with modern furniture and creative lighting adding the perfect finishing touches. The end result was a sleek and stylish workspace that not only met their functional needs but also provided an inspiring environment for both employees and clients.

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