Safe Roads Engineering (SRE)

Project Details

Building Type



Newmarket, ON


45 Weeks


Office Design

Footage/ Floors

 10,000 Sq Ft / 3 Floors


In the heart of a historic commercial building, the new office for SRE emerges as a beacon of modern design and functionality, meticulously tailored to their unique needs by Studio Forma Interior Design. Our goal was to craft an environment that not only respects the building’s rich history but also embodies SRE’s forward-thinking brand identity. Through a harmonious blend of old and new, we aimed to create a space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and well-being among its occupants.

Our Goal

The office’s location on the second floor of a historic building presented a unique opportunity to marry the past with the present. The warm golden brick and textured wood facade of the building serve as a nod to the structure’s storied past. In contrast, the interior design introduces clean, modern lines and the rich blue color of SRE’s brand to balance the overall effect. The decision to paint all doors and trim in black was deliberate, grounding the space with a sense of solidity and sophistication. The open industrial ceiling not only enhances the office’s spacious feel but also adds an element of contemporary design that complements the historical character of the building.

SRE Interior Design and Office Design

Furniture that Works​

Height-adjustable workstations are not only aesthetically pleasing, with wood-like surfaces and lighter accents in the carpet tiles providing a perfect contrast, but they also offer significant ergonomic benefits such as promote reduced back pain, and increased productivity. The integration of design and functionality and creating spaces that enhance the well-being of their occupants.

Thoughtful Design

The meeting room, enhanced with acoustic baffles and natural light, offers both style and functionality, while the seamlessly integrated private and flex offices feature optimal lighting and sound management, ensuring a tranquil, illuminated workspace.


The transformation of SRE’s new office is a testament to Studio Forma Interior Design’s ability to blend historical elements with modern design principles to create a dynamic and engaging workspace. By carefully selecting features that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the office, including the strategic procurement of office furniture, we have delivered a solution that meets SRE’s specific needs while providing an inspiring environment for employees and visitors alike. The result is a workspace that not only respects the building’s heritage but also propels SRE into the future with style and sophistication.

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Safe Roads Engineering (SRE)

The SRE’s new office is located on the second floor of a historic commercial building, which was renovated to meet their specific requirements and create a stunning interior design. The warm golden brick and textured wood facade of the building add a touch of history to the space, while clean, modern lines and the rich blue color of SRE’s brand balance the overall effect. All doors and trim are painted in black to provide a solid and grounding effect, and the open industrial ceiling further adds to the office’s spacious feel. The office features height-adjustable workstations throughout, which not only look attractive but also provide ergonomic benefits. The wood-like surfaces and lighter accents in the carpet tiles provide a perfect contrast to the foundational brick and wood, while the open work areas on both sides of the building are tied together with a custom and continuous linear light. One of the meeting rooms features acoustic baffles that carry the same color palette as the rest of the office, adding interest while also providing practical sound absorption. The main meeting room is positioned facing south to capture natural light and includes an imposing table. The many private and flex offices in the space are designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the office. Additional linear light fixtures and acoustic baffles are suspended from the open ceiling to ensure adequate lighting and sound management. Glass partitions give the offices an open feel while providing natural light and a quiet atmosphere for focused work. The office’s design elements come together seamlessly to create an impressive and unforgettable workspace that blends the old and the new. Photo Credit:

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