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Newmarket, ON


20 Weeks



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3500 Sq Ft 


Syllasense emerged in 2015 from the visionary mind of Lee-Ann, a Kindergarten teacher driven by a passion for revolutionizing how children learn to read. Dissatisfied with the limitations of Whole Language methods and the uninspiring nature of leveled readers, Lee-Ann embarked on creating a groundbreaking series of decodable books. Her innovative approach centered around “closed syllable” words to ensure the use of short vowel sounds, aiming to craft stories that were not only educational but also deeply engaging for young readers. The evolution of Syllasense saw the introduction of the Purple Series and the revitalization of the Green Series with multicultural illustrations, reflecting the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. In 2022, Lee-Ann’s relentless pursuit of excellence led to a comprehensive reprint of 50 titles, signifying a new chapter in the company’s journey and underscoring its growth and evolving educational philosophy.

Our Goal

The expansion of Syllasense necessitated the creation of a new office space that mirrored the vibrant and dynamic spirit of its books. The design challenge was met with an imaginative approach, focusing on the creative use of materials and colors to craft a workspace that was as unique and inviting as the stories Syllasense brought to life. 

Syllasense Interior Office Design

Exploration and Connection

Each area of the office was thoughtfully designed to foster an environment that encourages exploration and connection, embodying the essence of the Syllasense series.

Inspire Creativity

This transformation not only reflects the company's innovative approach to education but also serves as a physical manifestation of its goals as interior designers: to create spaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and a deep sense of community among all who enter.


At Studio Forma Interior Design, we are immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in the evolution of Syllasense’s business environment. Our collaboration with Syllasense has been a journey of creativity, innovation, and growth, marking a significant milestone in our portfolio of transformative office designs.

From the outset, our mission was to understand the unique ethos and aspirations of Syllasense, ensuring that the space we crafted not only reflected their brand identity but also fostered an environment conducive to their evolving business needs. Our approach was holistic, considering every aspect of the workspace to promote productivity, well-being, and collaboration among the Syllasense team.

As Syllasense continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to see how the space we’ve designed together adapts. The dynamic nature of their business means that the office environment will play a crucial role in supporting this evolution, serving as a foundation for innovation, creativity, and continued success.

We are honored to have contributed to Syllasense’s journey and are eager to witness the ongoing impact of our design on their business. Our relationship with Syllasense is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that not only meet the current needs of our clients but also anticipate and adapt to their future growth. At Studio Forma Interior Design, we believe that a well-designed office is more than just a space to work; it’s a catalyst for inspiration, growth, and achievement. We look forward to seeing Syllasense thrive within their space, embodying the very essence of adaptability and innovation that we strive to instill in every project we undertake.

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Syllasense, a thriving company dedicated to teaching kids how to read was founded in 2015 by Lee-Ann a Kindergarten teacher. Recognizing the limitations of Whole Language methods she sought an alternative to leveled readers disliking the lack of storyline and unnatural language structures in existing decodable books. This led her to create a book series using only “closed syllable” words ensuring short vowel sounds. The challenge was to make the stories meaningful and engaging for young readers. Initial versions crafted from family photos and drawings by co-educator Nataliya Katula empowered struggling readers. Over the years Lee-Ann expanded with the Purple Series and updated the Green Series in 2021 with multicultural illustrations by Ashlyn Mundy.In 2022 driven by the desire to expand and modify the Scope and Sequence Lee-Ann released a full reprint of 50 titles. The company’s growth prompted the need for a new vibrant office space to align with the energy of their books. The design focus emphasized creative use of materials and paint intending to make each area as unique as the stories themselves. The result is an office space that offers an immersive experience inviting exploration and connection with the essence of the Syllasense series.

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