The Switch

A Unique Louvered Partition for a Flexible Office Layout

We so often help our clients find the right balance between an open-concept office layout and one that is defined by closed-in cubicles and offices. That’s why our principal designer came up with this innovative acoustical partition to help to bridge the gap.

The Switch is a lightweight and moveable partition with louvered panels that give you optimal flexibility in your interior space. You can use it anywhere and any way you need to, even if those needs change from day to day. You can have an open view or a closed view and still benefit from the acoustic dampening in both modes. Simply turn the individual panels to the angle that works for you.

Quality Acoustic Panels Made From Recycled Materials

We developed The Switch in partnership with our acoustic products supplier, so it’s made of quality acoustic felt and grounded in a strong but easy-to-move metal frame. You’d never guess that these soft yet sturdy acoustic panels are manufactured from recycled water bottles, but they are, making them an environmentally sustainable product. The resulting material is a form of polyester known as PET, and that softness, along with how the fibres are woven and compressed, allows for sound waves to be absorbed rather than reflected within your interior space.

Need any other reasons to love this stuff? It’s made in Canada and is fire retardant, moisture resistant, and offers high-impact resistance for long life. Did we mention that it comes in fourteen different colours? With that many options, we can help you design a brand-friendly combination of colours or you can stick with a single colour through all the panels. The frame for your Switch panel can be either black or white to set off your colour choices to perfection.

Whether you leverage the Switch between desks to create temporary (or more permanent) cubicle-like workspaces or create an in-the-moment meeting room that’s here one minute and repurposed the next, the applications are endless.

Request a colour sample or come and see our Switch panels in our showroom. You can even sit in our makeshift cubicle and experience the muffling of the surrounding sound for yourself.

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Product Specifications


100% PET (Polythylene Terephthalate); 60% recycled material

Size (mm):

1508mm x 1760mm

Thickness (mm): 


Product Placement: 

Free Standing



Fire Rating:

ASTM E-84, Class A

Technical Documents

Flame Spread:

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