We’re all looking for ways to save money and be more efficient in running our businesses. So if you want or need to redesign or relocate your office, you may wonder if you can shave a little off your budget by doing it yourself. 

The truth is, hiring an interior designer offers a lot of advantages, including cost savings. Here are just a few ways we can make your project more efficient and help reduce your expenses. 

Having an Efficient Plan 

The most efficient approach is always a thoughtful and well-executed plan, whether you start from scratch in a new location or rethink an existing one. Commercial interior designers are skilled at taking information about your business needs and workflow and applying them to your space. Our experience allows us to create a plan that maximizes the layout and use of the available space to save you time and get the best option right away. 

3D Models  

You might have a vision for how you want your space laid out, but you run into problems implementing your ideas. You might move the furniture around an existing office or into a new location only to discover that it isn’t working or doesn’t fit where you thought it would. Or you can paint an entire room and realize you can’t stand the colour. Any such delays are costly in both time and money.

When you use a company like Studio Forma, we create a 3D model of the approved layout, including all the furniture, fixtures, and finishes, so you can get a real sense of how it will look and feel. You can move ahead with confidence by having a clear understanding of the flow and colour scheme. 

Building Permit  

If you require a building permit, some architectural drawings are essential. In most cases, the minimum requirements include base building, demolition, partition and millwork, reflected ceiling plan (RCP), furniture plan, door elevations, and accessibility drawings. Without these plans, the process will take longer and cost more, but an interior designer can provide them in a cohesive package to help expedite your permits.


When you use a commercial interior designer such as Studio Forma, we have many trade resources for flooring, wall coverings, lighting, furniture, acoustics, and glass partitions. Our relationships with these suppliers give us access to discount pricing, which we pass along to you. Often, the amount you receive in discounts outweighs the cost of hiring us!

Hiring a commercial interior designer will save you money in the long run. Studio Forma is always with you from start to finish, so if any questions, complications, or unknowns occur along the way, we will be there to facilitate solutions. 

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