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In our first article, “The top 6 must-haves in your office space” we deemed air the second most important aspect in your office space for maximum health and productivity.

Air quality can be very difficult to control, especially when you are in a building that doesn’t have any operable windows to allow that fresh air flow. When you are indoors for 8-10 hours a day, you need good quality air, that helps your energy grow throughout the day. In an environment with poor air quality, adding toxins and pollutants to the air will cause stress, headaches or even respiratory problems.

There are a few ways of getting great, fresh air, into your space, even if you can’t open the windows.

Growing fresh air: 

Adding greenery into your space not only makes the space more visually pleasing, but it also allows you to control air quality.

The three easy to find, local house plants that will actually improve the air quality within your space are the Areca Palm, Mother-in-Laws Tongue and The Money Tree. All three of these plants convert the Co2 in your space into Oxygen, and therefore create a cleaner healthier, fresher space.

This is a great solution for businesses that cannot open their windows or have control over the HVAC system they have within the building.

In some offices, we have created moss art (created a logo out of moss) which acts as a design element, perpetuates the branding as well as reduces the Co2. Moss is very little maintenance and can last for years if spritzed regularly.

We created this logo ourselves for a client, however there are many companies that will create any design at any scale using this versatile moss.


Having your space cleaned professionally on a regular basis will reduce the airborne allergens within the space and make the overall space more hygienic and healthier. This includes cleaning the air returns and supplies and getting the ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure that the cleaning products are not causing more pollutants in the air, and that they are all natural with zero volatile organic compound (VOC’s). Use cleaning products with little to no odour so that people sensitive to smells are not affected.

Air purification systems:

Many offices have opted on having an air purification system added to their existing HVAC system or having portable units within the space. This will ensure tiny unhealthy airborne particles will be caught and eliminated within the space, causing the air to feel fresher and more energizing. Make sure those filters are changed regularly in order to keep that air fresh and filtered.

Accessible Outdoor Space:

If there is an option to have an outdoor space accessible to everyone for breaks, lunches or even working, this is one of the best ways to promote movement, fresh air, and health. This could be a spot on a roof top, an area blocked off in your parking lot, or a specific deck created for staff. As long as there is enough shade in the summer, and good outdoor seating, this will be a welcome area for anyone needing to get a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air.

Using Low or zero VOC materials:

When designing a space or changing out a material, always pick the lowest volatile organic compound material (VOC). Source flooring finishes, wall finishes, furniture materials, fabric materials and millwork, all with low to zero VOC’s. This means that the space will not have a huge chemical smell upon entering it and the space will be usable right away without any harmful residual particles.

If you have any questions about improving your workspace, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to visit your space, make recommendations and suggestions. Looking forward to connecting.

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Air in your office space

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