How office furniture can change your business

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Creating a beautiful office space has many benefits, and furniture is an easy and affordable way to work within your existing space to create a whole new experience for your team and your clients and visitors.

One reason to consider changing up your office furniture is in how much it has changed over the years, not only in aesthetics, but also in its modular structure that allows for much more flexibility in how it can be used. Your space can be beautiful, functional, and more efficient with the use of proper furnishings.

Another is the growing importance of keeping your team happy. It’s getting harder and harder to find great people who are committed to your business and brand, and social media and the digital world make it easy for them to always have their antenna up for the next bright and shiny opportunity. Many people have cited their work environment as one reason to move on — they feel as uncared for as the space in which they work.

An entire overhaul of your space is one way to lift spirits and build culture, but it’s not the only way to use your space to achieve this goal. Rethinking your space in terms of how you use it and the furniture that defines it is also an effective way to create a new feel that energizes your space and your people.

Ideas for using furniture to redefine your office space:

  • By simply switching out the typical table and chairs or adding in some soft seating in your meeting room, you can change the dynamic of your meetings.
  • Adjustable height desks give your workers the ability to work standing up or even in a more relaxed position throughout the day. This allows the brain to think and process differently, which ultimately leads to more productivity and happier employees.
  • Furniture can be used to make your existing spaces multi-purpose, which maximizes the use of the space while creating a more interesting look. Individual pieces or groupings of furniture can act as a partition to create separate spaces in an open area, acoustic chairs create private work areas, and padded filing cabinets can provide extra seating and facilitate collaboration.

There are so many problems simply changing the furniture can solve, and Studio Forma’s understanding of how to optimize spaces means we can help you see the potential. Our long relationships with many manufacturers allows us to offer special discounted pricing to you, so you can transform your space without investing in a full office redesign or doing any construction.

Connect with us today and we’ll visit you at your space at your convenience to make suggestions on how to solve your workflow problems and create a beautiful and effective work space for your team and your clients.

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How office furniture can change your business

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