Flaming Stove

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Newmarket, ON


35 Weeks



Footage/ Floors

1500 Sq Ft 


At Studio Forma Interior Design, our philosophy centers around creating spaces that not only meet the functional needs of our clients but also encapsulate the essence of their brand and the experiences they wish to offer. Our recent project, the interior design of Flaming Stove, a vibrant Middle Eastern restaurant, stands as a testament to this approach. Our goal was to craft a design that mirrors the rich tapestry of flavours and warmth characteristic of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Our Goal

Reflecting Culinary Warmth and Spice

The primary objective was to ensure the restaurant’s interior reflected the warmth, spice, and freshness of its culinary offerings. To achieve this, our design strategy involved the use of bright and bold colors, which were carefully selected to evoke the rich palette of Middle Eastern spices. These colors were applied across a variety of textures and patterns, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere that complements the culinary experience.

Enhancing the Experience

Another key goal was to enhance the overall dining experience through thoughtful design elements. This included optimizing the layout to create a seamless flow within the space, allowing guests to move comfortably and enjoy the ambiance. The use of warm wood tones alongside the vibrant color scheme helped to establish a cozy, yet sophisticated environment.

Flaming Stove Restaurant Design Interior Design

Custom Lighting and Seating

The Flaming Stove design is distinguished by its custom lighting solution that spans the restaurant, adding warmth and creating a welcoming atmosphere to enhance the dining experience. Furthermore, the restaurant's seating area is accentuated with sunny accents and innovative paint techniques, spotlighting this lively space and inviting guests to discover the restaurant's full depth.

Interactive Display

Recognizing the growing interest in culinary arts and the desire of diners to connect with the food preparation process, we incorporated a counter area that offers a front-row view of the Saj bread being prepared. This feature not only adds an interactive element to the dining experience but also celebrates the authenticity and craftsmanship of Middle Eastern cooking.


the design of Flaming Stove by Studio Forma Interior Design is a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design, aimed at creating a memorable dining experience. Through our thoughtful use of colour, texture, and lighting, we have crafted an interior that not only looks stunning but also perfectly complements the restaurant’s culinary ethos. We are proud to have contributed to creating an inviting and visually captivating space for Flaming Stove and invite everyone to experience the warmth and delight of dining in this beautifully designed restaurant.

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Flaming Stove

At Studio Forma, we had the pleasure of designing the interior of Flaming Stove, a dynamic Middle Eastern restaurant with a wonderful variety of flavours in its food. Our goal was to create a design that reflected the warmth, spice, and freshness of the food being served. To achieve this, we incorporated bright and bold colors in a variety of textures and patterns, including multiple tiles, paint, and signage. Warm wood was also used to compliment the colors and create a directional flow throughout the space. Custom lighting was installed to run the length of the restaurant, adding to the cozy and inviting atmosphere. We wanted to put a sunny spotlight on the vivid seating area at the back of the restaurant, so we used additional lighting and creative paint techniques to achieve this effect. For those who enjoy watching their food being made, the counter area offers a front-row view of the delicious Saj bread being prepared. As designers, we believe that a successful interior design project not only satisfies practical requirements but also appeals to the senses. We can confidently say that the design of Flaming Stove not only looks amazing but also makes the dining experience even more delightful. We highly recommend Flaming Stove for lunch or dinner, and we’re proud to have contributed to the restaurant’s inviting and visually stunning interior design. Photo Credit: contactquinnm@gmail.com

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