Newton's Grove School

Project Details

Building Type

Private School


Mississauga, ON





Footage/ Floors

20,000 Sq Ft / 2 Floors


At Studio Forma Interior Design, our vision for the Newton’s Grove School project was guided by a set of clear, ambitious goals, reflecting our commitment to excellence in creating spaces that inspire and facilitate learning and physical activity.

Our Goal

To Enhance Functionality While Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal: Recognizing the dual need for a space that serves the rigorous demands of a school environment and one that inspires joy and creativity, we aimed to blend utility with beauty. Our goal was to create a multifunctional arena that would not only meet the physical requirements of the students and staff but also serve as a beacon of the school’s vibrant community spirit.

To Reflect the School’s Identity Through Design: We sought to weave the school’s colors and ethos into the fabric of the new gymnasium, making it a true representation of Newton’s Grove School’s character. This involved creating a space that feels both welcoming and inspiring, encouraging students to engage fully with the wide range of activities the gymnasium supports.

Newtons Grove School Educational Design Interior Design

Full-Size Basketball Court

Our school community design includes two multipurpose rooms and a fitness training room for diverse activities, alongside a state-of-the-art basketball court, ensuring holistic student development with durable, safe, and vibrant spaces for both competitive and educational athletics.


The completion of the Newton’s Grove School gymnasium stands as a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that are not only functional but also enrich the communities they serve. The enthusiastic response from the students and faculty affirms our belief in the power of thoughtful design to inspire and facilitate growth. We are proud of our collaboration with 4Architecture on this project and remain committed to our mission of designing spaces that reflect the unique spirit and needs of educational institutions.

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Newton's Grove School

Newton’s Grove school was a collaboration with 4Architecture. With the existing school colors as our guide, we were able to continue the playful theme and create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. The new arena is complete with a full-size basketball court, weight room, fitness training room, 2 multipurpose rooms, meeting room, and office, making it a hub of activity for the students and faculty at Newton’s Grove. Our design team focused on choosing materials and finishes that would uphold to the wear and tear of a busy school gymnasium while still maintaining the playful atmosphere. The end result was a stunning space that exceeded expectations. The students are thrilled with their new gymnasium and the school is proud to offer such a fantastic facility to their community. We’re honored to have been a part of this project and look forward to continuing to work with schools and educational institutions to create functional and beautiful spaces that inspire learning and growth. You can see the full project here

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