Project Details

Building Type



Uxbridge, ON


40 Weeks


Office Design, Construction

Footage/ Floors

10,000 Sq Ft / 2 Floors


Situated in the picturesque Township of Uxbridge, KOTT stands as a trusted haven for premium lumber, framing materials, and home exterior products and services. Boasting an in-house design team, they collaborate closely with clients to craft bespoke layouts and quotes for roof trusses, floor systems, and panelized components.

Our Goal

In a bid to revitalize their outdated and inefficient office space, KOTT enlisted the expertise of Studio Forma. The previous layout, characterized by oversized offices and poor space utilization, hindered staff efficiency and productivity. The overarching goal was to create an environment that not only enhances functionality but also inspires creativity and collaboration.

Kott Lumber Construction Interior Design, Office Design

Integrated Workspaces

Studio Forma devised an open concept design that seamlessly blends open workstation areas with private offices, promoting natural light flow and fostering a bright, airy ambiance conducive to productivity.

Agrarian Aesthetic

Drawing inspiration from KOTT's rural setting, the interior design showcases half-sawn hemlock wall cladding, stack logs wall covering, and charming Farrow&Ball wallpaper depicting rustic farm scenes, imbuing the space with warmth and character.

Expanded Lower Level

Overcoming the challenge of low ceilings, Studio Forma raised the ceiling height to accommodate a full suite of amenities including a spacious lunchroom, lounge area, boardroom, and ample storage, maximizing functionality and comfort.


Through meticulous planning and innovative design solutions, Studio Forma has transformed KOTT’s office space into a harmonious blend of functionality and style. From the integration of open workspaces and private offices to the thoughtful selection of materials evoking the agrarian charm of the locale, every aspect of the design reflects a commitment to enhancing both productivity and aesthetic appeal. The result is a revitalized environment that not only caters to the practical needs of the team but also fosters a sense of pride and inspiration, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

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Kott Lumber

Located in the Township of Uxbridge, KOTT is a trusted one-stop source for premium lumber and framing materials, as well as home exterior products and services. With an in-house design team, they work collaboratively with clients to create customized layouts and price quotes for their roof trusses, floor systems, or panelized components.

Recently, KOTT reached out to Studio Forma to help them transform their outdated and dysfunctional office space into a more functional and inspiring environment. The previous space was compartmentalized, with unreasonably large offices and poor use of space, which was affecting staff efficiency and productivity.

To address these issues, Studio Forma developed a more open concept design that combines open workstation space with private offices. The use of glass fronts for private offices allows natural light to continue to flow through the central core open workstation area, creating a bright and airy feel.

To reflect the agrarian character and location of the business, the interior material selection includes half-sawn hemlock wall cladding, stack logs wall covering, blackened steel logo, and charming Farrow&Ball wallpaper that depicts an old-fashioned farm. The addition of marker board paint throughout the space facilitates collaboration and ideation among the team.

The lower level of the office had low ceilings, which presented a challenge. However, by raising the ceiling height, Studio Forma was able to create a full lunch room, lounge area, impromptu work areas, large boardroom, and plenty of storage. Architectural lighting inset into the wall vertically visually extends the height and makes the area feel even more spacious.

The new office design includes a tech room, kitchenette, reception area, meeting room, seven new offices, shipping area, designer area, and eight additional workstations. The space now not only retains its rural atmosphere but is enriched with incredible functionality and style. The result is a space that is practical, functional, and tailored to the needs of the team, providing ample room for growth and fostering a productive work environment.

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