Powell Contracting

Project Details

Building Type



Aurora, ON




Office Design, Road Construction

Footage/ Floors

20,000 Sq Ft / 2 Floors


Studio Forma, a distinguished interior design firm renowned for its innovative approach, was tasked with the transformation of Powell Contracting’s office space, an esteemed name in the road construction industry. The previous layout, marked by its labyrinthine arrangement of desks and offices, hindered effective communication and collaboration among team members.


Our Goal

Our primary objective in this redesign endeavor was to revolutionize Powell Contracting’s office environment, replacing the restrictive compartmentalization with an open concept layout conducive to enhanced interaction and productivity. By integrating functional solutions and creative design elements, our aim was to cultivate a workspace that inspires creativity, fosters collaboration, and reflects Powell Contracting’s esteemed reputation within the industry.

Powell Contracting Office Design Interior Design

Flexible Workstations

Studio Forma introduced new workstations featuring partitions to balance privacy and openness, ensuring employees have dedicated space for focused work while facilitating easy communication when needed.

Strategic Meeting Spaces

Private meeting rooms and breakout areas were strategically incorporated to encourage spontaneous collaborations and discussions, fostering a dynamic and agile work culture.

Industry-Inspired Aesthetic

Concrete and rebar partitions, coupled with graphic elements such as a Toronto map feature wall and road-sign-like designs in the stairwell, pay homage to Powell Contracting's legacy in the road construction industry, infusing the space with a sense of identity and pride.


Studio Forma’s redesign of Powell Contracting’s office space transcends mere functionality, offering a transformative environment that embodies the company’s ethos and fosters collaboration and innovation. From the implementation of flexible workstations and strategic meeting spaces to the thoughtful incorporation of industry-inspired aesthetics, every aspect of the design reflects a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of Powell Contracting’s identity. The result is an office space that not only enhances productivity and communication but also serves as a visual representation of the company’s esteemed reputation and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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Powell Contracting

Studio Forma, a leading interior design firm, was commissioned to redesign the office space of Powell Contracting, a renowned name in the road construction industry. The previous office layout was highly compartmentalized, consisting of a maze of desks and offices that impeded communication and collaboration.

To address these challenges, Studio Forma implemented an open concept design with new workstations that feature partitions to provide privacy when needed. Acoustic solutions were also strategically placed to ensure that the new open concept still provided adequate workspace for employees.

Private meeting rooms were added, as well as breakout areas for more spontaneous meetings and collaborations. These additions help to encourage more collaboration and creativity among team members.

To pay homage to Powell Contracting’s industry-leading reputation, the interior design features concrete and rebar partitions to section off work areas in a fun and interesting way. The lunch room features a graphic feature wall created using a map of Toronto, while the stairwell features a road-sign-like design with yellow and black stripes, reflecting Powell’s long tradition of quality road work. These elements, along with the company’s brand colors, tie the design together seamlessly.

Overall, the new office design created by Studio Forma for Powell Contracting is functional, collaborative, and visually stunning. It truly reflects the company’s industry-leading reputation and provides an inviting space for employees to work and collaborate.

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